Fear, Filth, Dirt and Death- Track Review

It is often that, in the greatest times of despair, resentment and satirical passion rise above all, forming a true, imperfect beauty. With the UK suffering from abhorrent political drama, an age with an unforeseeably dark future is imminently poised upon any regular civilian. Yet, a profound outfit named Luna Rosa have absorbed the chaotic … Continue reading Fear, Filth, Dirt and Death- Track Review

Frankenstein- Dazed & Out, Track Review

There’s nothing that enhances music more than being enlightened by the exalted chronicle that its inspiration stems from. It gives the song a different flavour, bolsters its worth, and injects a new sentiment through the very fibres of the listening experience. This enhancement is something that has become very apparent to me recently, via my … Continue reading Frankenstein- Dazed & Out, Track Review