Victorious Festival is, Well, Victorious

As I’m still relatively new to blogging, I’m experimenting with all different types of posting styles. And with this post, still about live music, I aim to inform you about the incredible accomplishment of Victorious Festival.

For those who don’t know about Victorious, it is a festival that takes place in Southsea, Portsmouth every year, and has been doing so since 2011. Each year, the festival has significantly improved its line up, and now in 2018, the likes of Paul Weller and The Kaiser Chiefs are performing.

However, this year Victorious has not only raked in an incredible line-up, but has also raised more than £155,000 for local charities. These charities include:

Southsea Skate Park, Portsmouth LGBT Pride, Children’s Football Kits for Prospect School, The D-Day Museum, African Women’s Forum Liberian School, and The Cumberland House Natural History Museum/Butterfly House.

This is a pretty incredible achievement if you ask me. Festival director James Ralls told the local news “We are thrilled to have raised such a significant figure to support such fantastic charities.”

If you are heading to Victorious this August, don’t just appreciate the brilliant line up, but also the striving efforts from the people involved, who clearly care about the community as much as the success of the festival itself.

I’m proud to be Pompey.


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