Keep Your Eyes to the Skies

As someone who goes to mostly local gigs, I’m prone to watching a lot of local bands who are often unsigned. You know, the kind that are desperate to get themselves out there, so they put on a set of a few songs? Your typical first warm up band of the night, who afterwards join the crowd with a pint in there hand? Yeah, those guys. There’s not many of these that I watch and think “Wow, they’re gonna be big one day.”

But (there’s always a but) there has been one. Last year when I first went to watch The Sherlocks in Southampton, I was told by a friend to get down there early and watch the first warm up band. She was friends with the lead singer and was convinced that I would love them, as, in her own words, “they’re well good.” Clearly easily persuaded, I did as she said and managed to get to see them. Safe to say, I haven’t looked back since.

You were probably thinking from the title of this post that I’d turned into a hippy, chatting a load of shite about how to be positive throughout life and to eat your vegetables. The truth is, the band I’m writing about here are called Eyes to the Skies. Apologies to any upset readers.

Anyway, back on track, Eyes to the Skies stepped onto the stage that night looking like the most random group of people I’d ever seen. The mutual friend/lead singer appeared shy at first, despite the small crowd stood in front of him, which made me unsure of the amount of trust to place in my friends review. Besides, I should have been the one who was bit scared. The bass guitarist stood well over 6ft and was rather hairy indeed; I had to double take, thinking someone had forgotten to put a leash on their grizzly bear.

My opinion was soon set onto a more positive level after their first song, though. Each individual in the band played their instrument phenomenally. Although I didn’t know the song- it was one of their own- I could tell that every part had been played flawlessly. They even got the crowd going. Not a lot, but there was some bouncing going on and a few hands thrown up to the beat. How often do you see a warm up do that?

As they continued through the set, I fell deeper in love with their music. Each song hyped the crowd more and more, and I began feeling the kind of excitement you feel when your favourite band are playing. I was really disappointed to see them leave the stage. The truth was that these local Portsmouth lads all worked in Tesco and were at the start of building their fan base. It still amazes me how such talent can be stowed away from the mainstream music industry.

Nonetheless, when I got home I followed both the band ( and the lead singer on my personal twitter. I was keen to find out where these boys were playing next, and wanted all of their songs on my playlist. To my disappointment, only one of them had been released on Spotify. It’s called ‘Don’t’ and it’s undoubtedly a belter. I still kept the faith that smaller venues were soon to be a thing of the past for the band.

Since then, Eyes to the Skies have released two other singles. If you’re a fan of Catfish and the Bottl-… Scrap that, if you’re a fan of decent music, check them out on Spotify. I continuously check the band pages of theirs, hoping that they have released a new single overnight (or since the last time I have checked, which is usually five minutes before hand.) With a fan page based in Argentina, it’s destined that Eyes to The Skies are going to be big. Pompey legends in the making? Without a doubt.


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