What’s On?- The Wedge

For the local ones out there, I’m aiming to produce a list of the upcoming events in Portsmouth and surrounding areas every month or so. Portsmouth, and even more so, Southampton, are two cities that attract some of the best up and coming bands and DJ nights. I think it’s important to spread awareness of these events to bolster the musical ethos of the local area, so I’ll start with a list featuring the best events at The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth happening before the end of the month:

The Wedgewood Rooms/ Edge of The Wedge


Fickle Friends, £12.00 Per Ticket

Fickle Friends are personally not a band that appeal to me. They have been compared to The 1975, which is an instant turnoff, a bit like a girl who drinks Guinness. However, they are certainly making a splash in the music world with new music being released soon. And they are fresh from touring the UK with The Kooks; if Luke Pritchard and his band see something in them then there must be talent within the them somewhere. For twelve quid a ticket, why not get down there and make your own opinion?



Image result
Steve Knightley, £18.00 Per Ticket

I’m not one to lie. I had never heard of this man before seeing that he was to make an appearance in Pompey. But upon some research and some intense Spotify listening, it turns out he’s quite the artist. Country isn’t my type of music, not by a long stretch, but in his hay-day Knightley managed to sell out The Royal Albert Hall whilst part of his duo ‘Show of Hands.’  Anyone who can do that has my respect. For under £20, I would certainly get myself down to the Wedge, even if it was just for a new experience.



Image result for The total stone roses
The Total Stone Roses, £12.00 Per Ticket

Now who doesn’t love a tribute act? In secret, we all have that little hope that one will pop on stage during the entertainment night when on holiday. Fake That? Goasis? Something along those lines. But with a serious name (and extra serious faces) The Total Stone Roses take tribute acts to the next level. Playing the best tunes from the debut album such as ‘She Bangs the Drums’ and ‘Fools Gold,’ £12 seems like a bargain.


OF EMPIRES, 18th March

Image result for of empires band
Of Empires, £5.00 Per Ticket

A band who often pop up on my suggested listens, Of Empires are an Alt-Indie band with serious potential. I’d liken them to The Black Keys, but somewhere in there is a hint of Arctic Monkeys. A pretty unique love child I’ll admit, but without a doubt it works out. It’s surprising how little the band are with the huge amount of talent they own. £5 a ticket? It’s a no-brainer.


RAE MORRIS, 19th March

Image result for rae morris
Rae Morris, £13.00 Per Ticket

Again, not my kind of music; this time an Indie Pop artist. Her music will never feature on my playlist, but for those out there who like artists such as Jess Glynne and Ella Henderson, this gig is ideal. Admittedly, she does have a cracking voice, so £13 is fairly priced.


AMP PRESENTS, 20th March

AMP/HSDC  presents in aid of TONIC
AMP, £5.00 Per Ticket

I can not big up this event enough! AMP arrange gigs in and around Portsmouth for young musicians from Havant and Southdowns College. Helping develop the blossoming band The Collision, AMP are forever thriving to enhance the local music scene. At this particular event, a band from my college, Omar Baba, will be performing alongside other talents. Having attended school with the front man Brandon Lebbie, I keenly follow these boys on social media. A jazz/ska band with raps incorporated into their beats, they make the £5 entrance fee worthwhile alone.



Fareham College Presents, £N/A (Contact College)

Being a HSDC College boy, I haven’t a clue of any of the acts for this event. But what I do know is that the facilities within the college itself are exceptional. Upon visiting Fareham College to assist my friend with her coursework last year, I felt it was only right to have a nosey around the music department. Afterall, my visitors badge allowed me to do so without looking like some sort of creep. The equipment is top notch, which leads me to believe the students must be pretty promising. I assume the tickets aren’t very expensive, so why not have a night down The Wedge and give our budding local musicians something to smile about?


SIN!, 23rd March

SIN!, Free Entry

Not a band, not a college production and not a solo artist. Instead, SIN! is a crazy DJ set for 18+ year olds. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this myself because of the age restrictions, but for a free night out it looks incredible. Playing songs through the ages from all genres, SIN! claims to be a unique party thrower. All you adults, why not get yourselves down there. I’ll be doing the same when I finally turn 18.



District Club Night, £5.00 Tickets

Sick of the usual club music? Boom boom boom, bit of synth over the top with an underpaid DJ shouting “EVERYBODY JUMP” every 2 seconds? Then district seems to be the place to go. Emo, rock, punk, and indie music is the way they see fit to throw a party, and I couldn’t agree more. For a fiver a ticket, why not give it a go?



Thunderdome, Free Entry

To top off a solid month of events, Thunderdome is a SIN! production solely dedicated to Rock music. Again, a free entry event is rare these days, so why not get down there.

Supporting the local music community is very important to me as it keeps it alive. So I hope this spreads awareness, and my next post will feature a similar list for another of my favourite local venues.

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