Building Up: The Wombats

Never have I been this excited to go to a gig. Never. If I have a gig at the end of the week, the thought of it usually drags me through the depressing days at college, knowing there’s something less torturous to look forward to. But these gigs are your typical 6-12 quid take-a-risk kind of night out. Not this one.

This- The Wombats at Alexandra Palace- is the real deal. The venue alone is enough to astonish me; fitting an enormous 10,250 standing guests, the Palace is to be admired. I’m not quite old enough to appreciate structural beauty of it, but if I happened to be 40 years older, I’m sure I would be left a tad too excited by the exterior. And seeing photos from previous gigs at the palace makes present-day-me incredibly excited too. If I still have both of my arms with functional hands on the end of them after the apparent intense moshing, I’ll be sure to post about my experience there.

And, anyone who knows The Wombats will understand why I’m so pumped to go see them. With their new album ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’ reigniting their super-talented musical careers, the tour is set to be massive; especially if they throw in belters from throughout the years of their successful past. I’m hoping for the likes of “English Summer”, “Reynolds Park”, and of course “Moving to New York.” And if they’re feeling like really treating me, they could even tone down the pace of the gig and play the beautiful “Isobel.” Well, if they are to play that song, I’m sure it wouldn’t be to treat just me, the weird 17 year old who likes all of their tweets because he’s so excited to go and see them. But you know what I mean.

To top it all off, I’m going to be staying in a hotel overnight, up there in London, because if I were to come home it would be way past my bed time. I’m slightly jealous of my girlfriend to be perfectly honest; this is her first gig. Not only is she going to be seeing The Wom-frickin-Bats at Alexander Palace, she gets to spend the night in London in a fancy hotel with free continental breakfast and Wi-Fi. Lucky *****, right? I had to sensor the insult, I can’t upset her. She is 2 out of the very few people who visit my website…

With only 7 days to go, I’m already getting to the stage where excitement is intruding my sleeping pattern. God knows what I’ll be like on the 27th.  

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