Greyscale- The Novus

“Define: Novus,” is what I found myself searching into Google last Friday night. Recently, I found a new band that I’m quite the enthusiast about. They go by the name of “The Novus,” hence my self-education session the other day. Turns out, “Novus” is the Latin word for ‘new.’ And new this band may be, but they’re already kickin’ ass with their music.

Now, in my reviews I quite like to suggest similar sounding bands to persuade you to listen to them, or to bolster your understanding of their music. But with these boys it’s a bit of a struggle; they’re positively different. Imagine this: Kings of Leon had a beautiful love child with The Red Hot Chili Peppers. This love child then proceeded to have a child of its own, the other parent being The Pale White. This ‘kid’ is the best comparison I can think of for this four-piece from the West Midlands.  I’m unsure whether that says more about the band or how messed up my imagination is…

Nonetheless, The Novus have recently released their second single: Greyscale. With bouncy basslines and funky riffs, it’s clear to see why bands such as Ivory Wave allowed them to perform at their gigs. Greyscale generates the most beautiful hybrid sound that, before, I never knew that I needed. Indie rock riddled with funk is now the most glorious genre to flow from my headphones into my ears. Like a snake to a flute, you are guaranteed to feel the urge to move in some way to the tune, whether that be the typical head-bob, or the full blown dad dancing. And if you’re unsure if you’ve got the right track when you inevitably search for it after reading this, here’s the single artwork:

Greyscale Review

The lads’ debut tune is undeniably a cracker, too. “Dive,” in similar fashion, has the potential to have a whole crowd on their feet, feeling the rhythm and dispersing it via uncontrollable movement. And speaking of live performances, if The Novus sound like an act you’d love to see, this post is about to bring you joy, like factor 50 sunscreen does to the fair-haired. Or, if you don’t live in the West Midlands, I may have given you a false sense of hope. I apologise.

On the 27th of this month, the band will be performing before Ivory Wave at the Birmingham O2 Academy. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to make the 320 mile-round journey, so if you’re local, don’t miss this opportunity. One day, The Novus are destined to be big. Who doesn’t want to be that annoying fan who ‘listened to them before they were big’?

I’m buzzing to see what these fellas produce in the future; they’re an incredibly exciting prospect.

If you have Spotify, you can listen to them here:

Check out their Twitter here:

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