Might As Well Tell Her Now- Parish

The best part of keeping this blog is the undying thrive to discover new music; that urge to jump onto Soundcloud and find the upcoming bands who are set to shape the future of what we listen to. So when I unearth the gems that I often do, it’s nearly impossible not to write a review about them. 

The latest of my findings you ask? A band named Parish. This four-piece from Cardiff are one of my fondest discoveries to date. The college boys have been playing live for nearly 2 years now, and in the modern era with such technological advance, it is difficult to understand why their music hasn’t reached the playlists of the masses. What I’m trying to say is that the band are way too f***** awesome to be as unheard of as they are. 

In December, Parish unveiled their most recent tune ‘Might As Well Tell Her Now.” When I heard this for the first time, I was overwhelmed at how beautifully the song resembled work from The Strokes, reigniting the quintessential music from their first album with crisp riffs, choppy basslines and fleet-footed drumming. It was as if Julian Casablancas had died and been reincarnated into a Welsh teenager; I was amazed at the incredible similarity in the lead singers voice. He even aced that shaky vocal sound which is often risky, because if it isn’t done to perfection, it might as well be played  to scare cats away from shitting in your garden.  

However, usually I would have been slightly worried about the future of the band due to the highly recognizable style- lets face it, it every song they produced sounded just like The Strokes, we wouldn’t be overly excited by Parish. But I noticed that they had another song sitting on their Soundcloud: ‘Spider’, the ancestor of ‘Might As Well Tell Her Now.’ Having a rather incredible first impression of the band sitting freshly in my mind, I decided to check it out. And that’s what confirmed in my mind the pure talent of this four-piece from Cardiff. Although still roughly mirroring The Strokes, the song mixes countless styles from the early noughties’ indie rock era, the most dominant being Alex Turner and co’s Favourite Worst Nightmare sound.  Such a contrast generates serious excitement for me personally, because so farf the boys are proving BIG.

And if Parish sound like the kind of band you’re in to, give their Facebook page a like, and keep an eye out for upcoming show dates. Without a doubt, they would give you a gig to remember:  


It never ceases to amaze me how people so young can produce music so professional. Expect to see some fantastic music coming from these lads over the summer. But for now, good luck with your A-Levels fellas x 


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