Stuck in the Rough- King Purple

Most people would say that the best feeling in the world is self-accomplishment. Or to love someone. Not me (which is risky knowing my girlfriend sees what I write.) The greatest feeling in the world for a music addict like me is hearing a song for the first time, and instantaneously knowing that you’re going to be listening to it for a long time coming.

And that’s exactly what happened when I first pressed play on King Purple’s newest single, Stuck in the Rough. Upon hearing previous releases of theirs, I was filled with anticipation. The unique alt-rock trio are an interesting blend of psychedelic panache and indie incredibleness. Even if they had credible competition, they would almost certainly rise to become the greatest musicians to ever originate from Northamptonshire. Hoping they would continue their undying reign on my ‘Smaller Bands that Deserve to be Bigger’ playlist, I sat comfortably with my small face speakers in (or earphones if that’s what you call them) and braced for excellence.

From the off, a relaxing tone is set by the ambient plucking of strings, with the singer letting out a note so smooth, even the most renowned singers would be left questioning their own talent. It’s rare for an indie band like King Purple to feature a lead singer with such awe-inspiring ability. Nonetheless, they allow their tune to adopt the veritable power of his voice, as if it has always belonged within the family of alternative music. The opening is stylistically as if Tame Impala ditched the pretentious neo-psychedelia voice filter and replaced their synthesizers with conventional guitars.

The song continues for another 5 minutes, mixing vibes that feature prolonged, reverberating bass lines with shorter, snappier licks and progressions. Effectively echoey, Stuck in the Rough refuses to settle for one melodic pace. It’s one of those that you really feel; the music truly grips you- it forces your head to move with mellow yet fierce avidity. You don’t know you’re doing it, but your neck is stiff, your head is swaying slowly with sheer infatuation for what you’re hearing. The music is intimate, and the vibes are flowing. Goosebumps possess your body- I’ll stop there. But it isn’t just a song, it’s an experience. If you have never felt so passionate with the pleasure of such sound, I can only offer my condolences. Mainly because if you haven’t, I must seem like right weirdo.

And as if the song isn’t enough, the band have released a music video to accompany the song and, in all honesty, I was mesmerized by it. As if a toddler, the colours and fragmented imagery left my mouth hanging a little. That and the music put together…you can imagine the collected dribble on my chin as I felt 5 minutes of pure soundgasm. 5 minutes! Not many bands can tailor a tune with significant class for that long.

King Purple are a band I can see producing nothing but genius in the future. And I expect nothing less from such a talented group of people. They are three people that deserve nothing but praise for their commendable contributions to musical hemisphere so far. You can check Stuck in the Rough and their other music here:


Written for the incredible Denim + Leather Magazine


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