citrus- Takeout

Citrus- Takeout

We’re all guilty of a quiet night in with a dirty takeout, aren’t we? It’s British culture. We love bringing home a jumbo battered sausage to eat on the sofa, with similar grace of Susan Boyle doing the splits. There’s some pleasant imagery for you. So, it’s unsurprising that the refurbished band citrus have written a song about it.

Before I review the track itself, there are two things I need to explain to you. Firstly, I haven’t been mistaken, my grammar is correct; the band do not capitalise the letter ‘c’ in their name. Quirky? Indie? Whatever the reason, it’s unique, and I think it works. And secondly, the reason that I describe this Alt-Rock group from Basingstoke as “refurbished” is easily justifiable. Previously, the group identified as Grafted. I’m unsure if many readers would have heard their tunes, but the revamp certainly suits their style more.

citrus’ music sharply sizzles, with Takeout proving the terrific liveliness of the group. With serrated riffs creating a ‘fizzy’ feel, the track bubbles with ambition throughout. Full of energy, the tune simmers yet refuses to be tamed during the verses, and riotously implodes during the chorus. It’ll have you singing aloud without control and your fingers edging towards the volume knob without realising. The louder you play it, the intensity of the urge to get up and (in my case, questionably) dance increases. And for this reason, the single ought to be plastered with a disclaimer: “Do Not Listen to Whilst Driving.” Honestly citrus, aren’t our roads dangerous enough already?

Post-reincarnation, the band still acknowledge their past life, with a nod to an old song entitled ‘Sergei.’ “Look what you’ve done now, Sergei,” is what the lead singer states, to be specific. We all love a bit of intertextuality in our music, amiright? You’re right, I’m not very popular in college… However, in a more interesting territory than my social life, citrus classily represent a female lead singer. Deviating from the expectations of such singers in the genre (obnoxiously set by the likes of Wolf Alice) she sings at a lower pitch, successfully maintaining the rugged rock side of the song’s vibe. And this goes hand in hand with the instrumental edge featured; Takeout would sit comfortably on The Wombats’ first album if they recreated it, with inspiration from the likes of The Vaccines.

Undoubtedly, citrus possess potential to progress pricelessly in the musical world. We have hit a shortage of female-lead bands who relate to the Indie Rock category, which is why BBC Introducing have shown incredible interest in the band. They have also appeared at shows alongside YONAKA, and if they’re good enough for YONAKA, they’re certainly good enough for me. Keep your ears tuned- when you hear citrus appear on your music playing platform, you’ll know that their journey to the top has begun. They’re different. They’re dexterous. And they’re f****** quality. So it’s inevitable.


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