Far- Future Fires, Track Review

As you’ll know by now, here at MusicallyMinded, I am forever looking for the fiery stars of the future within the underground music scene. Recently, I believe I have discovered a group from Birmingham that (quite literally) live up to that. Behold, the absolutely insane, Future Fires.

The Brummie Boys have recently released their cracker of a debut song, entitled Far.  Riffy, and quite frankly an instant breakthrough onto my Spotify playlist, the tune subtly swipes the buoyancy of a typical Ska piece,  and recycles this into a beautifully newfound rhythm. And as if this isn’t enough, the lead guitar electrifies the tune, possessing the entirety of it during solos. Entwined perfectly within, the grungy, distorted rhythm guitar duos perfectly with the lead singer, who expresses a surprisingly wide range of vocals throughout. His gravelly undertone delivers an artistic mischievousness about the song; you know, the kind adopted by Bloc Party and accompanying noughties bands? Needless to say, Far is going to go, well, far.

As if the song wasn’t enough, Future Fires have released a video to go with it. You can check that out here. Scrap that. You WILL check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92HcDQY6hJA

It shows some pretty flashy instruments, the serious passion the band have for music, and even follows a character through a pretty edgy story. How many debut tracks do you know that carry a video with such prestige? I would put money on it; Future Fires are going to be big.

If you’re not going to take my word for it, that’s fair enough, who can blame you, I’m just some internet kid who enjoys music. But Future Fires have been heavily associated with BBC Introducing in the past year, and are gravitating more attention than a screaming toddler in a cinema, in the West Midlands area. An associate for BBCI (yeah, I abbreviated it, am I cool yet?) claimed she’s a “big fan of that” when talking about the group, and Counteract Magazine left their comments, saying the band “would be bound to cause scenes at a summer festival.”

But for now, the boys are sticking to performing locally, on their home turf. I’m sure they’re likely to do a better job at that than the English Football Team, so don’t miss your chance to see them exceptionally supporting Nine Dart Finish at The Victoria on the 25th August. And if you can’t make that, then get yourself following them on Spotify and Twitter. They’re likely to blow you away.



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