The Trend- Thrillseeker, Track Review

When you think of someone who claims to seek thrills, you picture the typical bloke in man-sandals, hiking up mountains with nothing but a cereal bar and a bottle of water to last weeks. Alright, that might just be me, but I’m sure there are many readers here who have experienced pure euphoria whilst at a gig or a festival; when the music surges through the very fibres of your body. Time slows as you realise the experience you are within is encapsulating your every sense. The blood pumps from your heart at a significantly increased rate, and you become one with the crowd and the artist. ‘Feeling music’ sounds like a silly cliché until you have experienced such thunderous vibes, and going to gigs like these most certainly makes you a thrill seeker.


That feeling- that exact overwhelming sense of belonging- is what a band I have recently discovered are currently gifting around the UK. Glaswegian four-piece The Trend are an upcoming indie-rock band who have the musical class of Together PANGEA, and the rockstar attitude of Arctic Monkeys. Well, you know, before they grew out their hair and fantasised with keyboards. And their single Thrillseeker is a true insight into the undoubtable quality and potential surrounding the Scottish squad.


Beginning with your average, chart-like tempo, the song at first didn’t appeal to me very much. What a fool I was. With a short opening verse nearly over, the guitars halted, the singer silenced. Anticipation grew as my ears were deprived for a split second. And then, signalled by a frickin’ awesome rolling snare drum, the song stepped up its game. Ruthlessly rapid riffs flooded through the speaker, chaotic drumming rang throughout my living room and the singer matched his wide vocal range with the wavy bassline. As the chorus began to slow into the verse again, I felt myself take a deep breath and slouch back into my chair. What had just happened? A musical orgasm- the feeling I described earlier- is what. I had several others throughout that song as the pace of the instruments flustered throughout…


And if you’re into the whole, erm, ‘morgasm’ thing, you should check out the video for the song. You can see the Glasgow guys dominating an entire crowd with their sound. Not one person is stood still- not one person even has their phone out to film, which is rare these days. A bushy beard, tatts, a bald head and a shirtless member, The Trend continue the Scott-Rock legacy reigned by Biffy Clyro, and alter it into something new, something original. Something that I am very much a fan of.


Don’t be silly. Check them out as soon as you can. They truly are a band to keep your eyes on.


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