Frankenstein- Dazed & Out, Track Review

There’s nothing that enhances music more than being enlightened by the exalted chronicle that its inspiration stems from. It gives the song a different flavour, bolsters its worth, and injects a new sentiment through the very fibres of the listening experience. This enhancement is something that has become very apparent to me recently, via my recent passion for a musical outfit named Dazed & Out.


Exceptionally talented singer-songwriter, Whitnie Escalante, created Dazed & Out, which carries a beautifully awe-inspiring story. Whilst travelling European land, the Californian decided that her life would be wasted if devoted to anything but making music- the decision is far from inadequate. As if featured in a dreamy film, from a bar in Rome came the dawn of Dazed & Out. Since then, she has acquired a touring guitarist named Peyton Hoff, who has appeared by her side in many shows scattered across the globe. However, Hoff is also a student, meaning her presence is not always guaranteed. Dedicated Escalante ensures that this is never an issue, and often adopts the instrumental responsibility on top of her own solo concerns. I know what you’re thinking- you could make a formidable documentary out of this stuff, right? All we need now is an Attenborough voiceover…


And from one youthful transatlantic, life-altering expedition comes a debut single named ‘Frankenstein.’ The tune itself seeds back to the Californian’s hometown Bakersfield- the town that Tom Hanks exclaims the name of in Cast Away when he finds that part of the portaloo. Just me? Thought so. Escalante claims that it revolves around the vicious, damning sleep paralysis that she used to experience when at home. The song embraces the technicality and splendour of the acoustic guitar, whilst weaving in the American’s aesthetically gorgeous voice. Occasionally graced by a treble-dominant electric guitar, the Lana Del Rey-esque song incorporates the dying culture of country music, and resuscitates it, bringing in hints of pop, indie and outright class. As far as debut singles go, this is a beauty. Driving, relaxing or going about your everyday life, this song could be played almost anywhere.


To capture the eloquence surrounding her travels, Escalante had a glorious video shot by Francesca Blakeburn for the song whilst in Budapest. You can see it here. Having performed the song in London, I am envious of any fellow Brits who were lucky enough to witness her wondrous ways. She is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Written for the wonderful Denim+Leather Magazine


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