Black Bear Kiss- Hooks, Track Review

Remember when slightly indie rock was at its prime? I don’t; I hadn’t quite mastered the ability to walk at the time, and for some of it I wasn’t even born. But, thanks to parents with good music taste and technology enabling me to explore the plethora of magnificent bands from that period, I managed to inherit an extraordinary love for the genre. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kasabian and Queens of the Stone Age are just three of a few. And recently, I have discovered a band who take heavy inspiration from such groups, and recycle their appreciable sound into something with such beauteous sophistication, you’ll feel as if you’ve travelled back to a wondrously remastered version of that golden era.

Black Bear Kiss are a 5-piece rock band from the West Midlands who are amongst a euphoric rise to fame, performing exceptional local gigs and electrifying the underground music scene. With undeniable talent, and extreme popularity imminent, the boys recently released a glorious debut single entitled ‘Hooks,’ allowing them to begin an unforeseeably long, successful career making music.

The tune features crescendoing riffs, lively basslines, and ecstatic guitars, crunchier than your average Kellogg’s breakfast cereal. This astonishing recipe, destined for magnificence, is delicately seasoned with a catchy chorus, ultimately asking the question: what would you do to get where you want to be? The answer to that is simple- all I have to do is visit a ticket website, because I really want to be at a Black Bear Kiss gig. Immediately. Right now. Aside from my toddler-like strop, ‘Hooks’ is a phenomenal record for the group to be able to add to their CV. Imagine being responsible for such stupefying sound.

If the single itself doesn’t quite butter your bread rolls (or baps as these fellas would call them) then you can check the accompanying video. Displaying a delirious gig dominated by the band, this crazy four minute portrayal intertwines with a beautifully strange narrative. A minorly punk looking girl, overpowered by the significantly sweet sound of ‘Hooks,’ is out on the prowl, if you know what I mean. No spoilers any further however; you’ll have to watch and see it for yourself here.

As if the Shropshire squad weren’t suave enough already, the single’s artwork is of a teddy bear, in a suit, with sunglasses. No further explanation required, surely? If my honest description of the group hasn’t pushed you towards at least listening to the song once, you are missing out. Black Bear Kiss can be that band you ‘listened to before everybody liked them,’ because believe me, very soon, everybody is going to love them….



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