Damp, Straw Men in Glass Houses, Track Review

Grunge Rock is often thought of as a fossilised eradication, once dominated by so many amazing bands, but now laid to rest in all its glory. Anyone new to the scene faces significant backlash from those who love the originals, and must embrace the genre to such incredible heights in order to gain a following. It’s kind of like a dinosaur; everybody can enjoy learning the history of the species that once ruled the planet, but if you saw one walking down your road, you’d probably shit yourself.  So, brace yourselves, I’m about to take you back in time to when grunge dominated the charts, the Sony Walkman, and the world, without leaving this century. Meet, Damp.


Admittedly, Damp are a band with a surprisingly underwhelming name. Yet, the fun loving four-piece produce phenomenally original music that successfully rejuvenates the grunge rock era. Clearly inspired by the sound of the likes of The Who, Black Sabbath and other renowned rockers, the Leeds lot are loving life as local legends. The members are as follows: Wolfgang, the mysteriously named lead singer takes the pleasure to also play the guitar. Rory takes pride in playing the bass and committing to other vocals. Sam, well, the only thing the bands bio states about him is that he’s been wearing the same trainers since ‘05. Personal hygiene Sam, personal hygiene… Finally, Rob on the drums tops off the group to complete the perfect band. Each with exceptionally long beards and Cobain-esque hairstyles, Damp have recently released a single named ‘Straw Men in Glass Houses.’


The tune begins with an anticipating opening, ominously setting the tone for an intense song to follow. Wolfgang splits the instrumental build-up by releasing a triumphantly sharp note. His voice is similar to that of the epic Brian Johnson, just deeper; as if his balls dropped at least a little during puberty. After countless shredding guitar riffs, luxurious licks of the bass guitar (Rory keeps his tongue in, it’s a musical term), and fantastic drum fills, ‘SMiGH’ finds itself at an immersive solo that breaches the boundaries of classic grunge rock, and sits in limbo between said genre and metal. If it doesn’t have you headbanging to the point that your saliva no longer sits in your mouth and decorates the wall surrounding you, I kindly suggest you sort yourself out. Retaining its rocky tailoring, Damp conclude with an insane finale.


With more singles to come and many gigs to please with, the hairy troop have it all. Exciting prospects, for a band with a name associated with mouldy ceilings.


Damp: https://thedampband.bandcamp.com/

Written for the wonderful Denim + Leather Magazine


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