Austel- EP Review

Dear Australian Readers,

Upon reading the title ‘AUSTEL,’ it is likely that you are associating it with the Australian Telecommunications authority. Or you’re really not, but it’s amazing what you find when you ask for definitions on Google. Regardless of your nationality and the associations you may have with the peculiar word creation, I am here to structure your mind for the better. From this day forward, you will now link Austel with some of the suavest, most innovative songwriting of the generation.


Don’t panic, I’m not here to hypnotise. I’m only a Derren Brown tribute act on Sundays. However, Austel is the pseudonym used by the exemplary Annie-Rew Shaw, a young musical expert from Devon. Now residing in London, she is currently endorsing the journey between local love and worldwide stardom. BBC Introducing are among many other media vents to have already discovered her furiously fantastic talent. Recently, Austel has released an EP entitled ‘Unfold,’ unleashing beautifully euphoric experiences into the modern music scene.


The five compositions feature ethereal excellence, offering a splash of colour into a surprisingly sinister spiral of emotions. Shaw wears her heart on her sleeve throughout, delving deep into the disquiet dilemmas surrounding youthful identity. Yet, through abstract distinction, she exposes the unspoken worth behind the exigent act of finding solace in singularity. Weaving a creative narrative within each song, the EP carries a spectacular message; the kind that is likely to inspire many. Combining the standard ballad genre with sci-fi sounding electronica fabricates a newfound edge, exploring how melancholy can be re-established into something of pure elegance.
The songs lead as follows: Ghosts, Crows, Lost at Home, Anaesthesia and Hours. It would be unfair to leave Austel’s producer unannounced. Adam Stark is the man assisting the magnificence, having been working with her for nearly two years. It is safe to say that as a pair, they have managed to produce some of the most notable music to originate in this country for a very long time, and the inevitable uproar of support is likely to make them eager to strike again. Have a listen, and become immersed in emotional genius.






Written for the wonderful Denim+Leather Magazine


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