Fear, Filth, Dirt and Death- Track Review

It is often that, in the greatest times of despair, resentment and satirical passion rise above all, forming a true, imperfect beauty. With the UK suffering from abhorrent political drama, an age with an unforeseeably dark future is imminently poised upon any regular civilian. Yet, a profound outfit named Luna Rosa have absorbed the chaotic atmosphere that smothers our insane island, and shaped it into a true work of art.


Luna Rosa are a four piece heavy rock band from Corby who formed in 2015, and since have begun a complete takeover of the country. They have done this so well in fact, that I’d be incredibly surprised if they haven’t made it onto your radio at some point in the past. Their distinctive sound has resonated through over 50 nationwide stations; a number that is ever escalating. Much like Rage Against the Machine, the group are known for capturing relevant issues within their music in a ravishingly relatable rant. Perfectly suited for a combination of thunderous instrumentals and adeptly aggressive vocals, the Corby collective have recently released a new single demonstrating just how f****** amazing they can be using such a style.


Fear, Filth, Dirt and Death is the fitting title of their newest masterpiece that relentlessly (yet truthfully) tears the UK government ‘a new one,’ if you catch my drift. The single is flawlessly written, front-staging the true disaster that most of this blog’s following will call ‘home.’ Labelling residents “prisoners of the state,” Luna Rosa say what most are afraid to. Truthfully, these lads deserve more votes in the next election than Theresa May. And if politics really don’t interest you, these are still the next band to be added to your Spotify playlist, I promise. Rolling drum beats introduce inventive insanity, with the lead singer explicitly illuminating the tormenting trauma within the country. Brilliant basslines are the foundations of the madness, supporting howling licks and shrieking riffs that vibrate to the very marrow of your bones. It’s one of those songs that, if played live, you’d become immersed in the ecstasy of it all; your surrounding peers would be just as high as you and the intimacy with the band would be indescribable.

However, these guys are not just out there to unleash anger. As mentioned in the single, the band are furious about the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Thus, all purchases of the single will proceed towards the aid of the victims. You can buy it here, it is most certainly for a good cause. Hearts of gold and music of true legends, Luna Rosa are true gents, and a true prodigy.




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