Secret Side- Black Bear Kiss

“Hold on, what you say?” Black Bear Kiss have released their new single, that’s what I’m saying. ‘Secret Side’ is out now, and you can listen to it here.


Any of you religious readers out there will recognise the vogue VIPs from the review I published for their debut release, ‘Hooks.’ Since then, the group have been slaving away to produce this prodigy of a piece, and unsurprisingly, I’ve taken to it like Ozzy Osbourne to a line of cocaine.


Beginning with buoyant bass, ‘Secret Side’ sets itself up as a gloriously groovy work of art- even Flea from RHCP would gasp at the beauty of it. Then, the bassline is met with edgy rock riffs and strident singing, absorbing a similar sound to Kasabian. Yet, in typical Black Bear Kiss style, the tune reeks sophisticated originality, as it employs a dulcet, melodious tone. An addictive chorus follows each stylishly written verse; you’ll be singing it in no time. Build up upon build up eventually leads to f****** frantic finale, which fireworks into an escapade of madness.
Black Bear Kiss have done it again, with their newest single just as quality as the last. The only direction these boys are going is up; up the charts, up in the world, and up in the DM’s of any girl they choose. Seriously, this group are super relevant.

Oh, and one more thing. Watch. The. Video. You’ll see the lads get back at their ‘boss.’ Truthfully, the enemy is actually Gazz Rogers, who isn’t an enemy at all. This absolute legend is responsible for producing BBK’s music and videos. Massive shout out to him, and a big personal thankyou from me, as without him, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the incredible music that we have so far.

Secret Side


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